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What is Edmonton All In?

Edmonton All-In is our promise that the whole city will be there to support your conference or event.

That could mean the M&C team goes the extra mile to help build your conference, or it could refer to the way our hotels, conference centres, and vendors work together to make the booking process easy. In Edmonton, you’ll find that ‘no’ isn’t in our vocabulary. We have a can-do attitude and are excited to try new things and build new communities.

When you bring your meeting or conference here, you’ll be blown away by how many people are ready and eager to come to the table, share their expertise, and see you succeed. That’s what All-In means to us.

As an expert in your field, do you regularly attend meetings or conventions in other cities? Have you ever considered if an event you attend could be hosted in Edmonton? Did you know that Edmonton Tourism’s Meetings & Conventions team is here to help you do just that?

Our team will help you connect with the event organizers and establish the requirements for the program.

  • Meeting space
  • Accommodation
  • Financial incentive
  • Offsite venues
  • Pre & post conference itineraries
  • Attendance building
  • Local connections, etc

We’ll use our network of doers and makers to create a unique and vibrant bid package to put our cities best foot forward, on your behalf. We’re here to make you look good.

 What’s in it for you?

  • Bring international awareness of your work to an expansive audience
  • Bringing key influencers in your industry to Edmonton will inspire and open new doors.
  • Being involved in a conference is great for your resume and experience
  • Bringing new voices and faces to the table will expand your personal network
  • A current trend with many groups is to incorporate Corporate Social Responsibility into their program thus benefiting the local community

What’s in it for Edmonton?

  • Help put Edmonton on the map for future meetings & conventions
  • Boost and diversify the local economy
  • Attract and retain next generation talent pool
  • Support the growth and development of Edmonton International Airport
  • Motivating delegates to see Edmonton as a great potential home and career incubator

For more information please contact Jason Letwin at or complete the form below.

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