Edmonton Tourism is part of the Edmonton story

We never work alone or ride solo. We see the big picture and ensure that our role contributes to Edmonton’s success. The impact of the tourism industry is growing in importance and we will steward its success as we work in partnership with the City of Edmonton, Edmonton Economic Development Corporation, our stakeholders and the businesses that depend on revenues from the visitor economy.

Embarking on a journey is easier when we have a plan. A plan gives us direction, a shared idea of what we want to accomplish. We know where we're going (our goal and values), how we're going to get there (our pillars of excellence) and what we want to accomplish along the way (our priorities) to make our journey not only successful, but also worth the trip.

Our plan is the cornerstone of our business. It informs our daily decisions and the allocation of resources noted in our annual business plan. As change is the one thing we can always count on, we are ready to evaluate and adapt to change to achieve the desired objectives for our Stakeholders and Edmonton Tourism.


We drive sustainable year-round visitation through programs and initiatives that positively impact Edmonton’s image and raise awareness of the destination in regional and international markets.

It is our reason for being: to drive demand for our city’s aspirations.


Our values are at the core of what we do, how we interact with each other and with our stakeholders, and how we make decisions.

  • Public Stewardship
  • Leading the Way
  • Selfless Approach
  • Making an Impact
  • Caring for One Another

Pillars of Excellence

Our three pillars describe what we must do extremely well to achieve our goal. The pillars continually remind us of what is most important to our stakeholders. They are:

  • Stakeholder relations
  • Marketing excellence
  • Visitor Experience

Economic Drivers

Economic development is a team sport. The divisions within Edmonton Economic Development Corporation share one playbook, focused on seven drivers of success that generate the energy, innovation and investment needed to build a prosperous economy. We have this playbook in our DNA, and with our stakeholders, we work to support these economic drivers.

  • Attracting new investments
  • Growth of new and existing businesses
  • Attracting new tourists
  • Attracting new meetings and conventions
  • Attracting new major events
  • Attracting and supporting talent and students
  • Attracting and defending direct flights


Improving stakeholder communications is one of our top priorities. These are the results that we are trying to achieve:

  • Stakeholders value and understand the benefits of interacting with Edmonton Tourism.
  • Stakeholders trust Edmonton Tourism’s expertise.
  • Stakeholders value the information available to them.