Hardware Grill

Don’t let the name fool you, the Hardware Grill is far more chic than its name implies. Located in the historic Goodridge Block brick building, the Hardware Grill was once known as W.W. Arcade in the early ‘30s – a bustling hardware store in the fast-paced downtown core. Fast forward 60 years when the development of shopping malls and the shift to the suburbs signalled an end for W.W. Arcade. The building fell silent until it was restored a few years later and was once again a source of civic pride. It was then that the Hardware Grill, now one of Edmonton’s most outstanding restaurants, found its home. The Red Wine Cellar Room in the Hardware Grill is a beautiful space to host an unforgettable event where you will be surrounded by some of the finest wines in the world.

  • Room Name : Red Wine Cellar Dining Room.
  • Capacity : 16 - Banquet/Seated Style.
  • A/V : TV monitor.