Destination Development Strategy

Explore Edmonton’s job is to always be looking at the big picture, leading the way to promote our city as a four-season destination and developing the experiences and partnerships that will position Edmonton as a destination of choice. We are fully aligned to increase the economic impact of the visitor-based economy in our city.

The project


The ultimate objective of the project is to assist in the prioritization of efforts and investments which will address the triple bottom line: delivering on the needs of the people (visitors and residents); the planet (developing tourism experiences in a responsible, sustainable and regenerative manner); and profit (economic growth). This will be done through the identification and alignment of key stakeholders, current and envisioned projects, and planning efforts for the city.


This project will consist of six phases:

  1. Project initiation & management: Confirm project plan and approach to stakeholder engagement.
  2. Baseline research: Assess the current and future state of Edmonton's visitor economy.
  3. Asset mapping: Identify existing assets and uncover potential gaps and opportunities.
  4. Stakeholder engagement: Proactively engage key stakeholders to collaboratively develop plan.
  5. Synthesis and analysis: Prepare a synthesis and analysis presentation of key findings.
  6. Strategic planning: Develop final Strategy, Implementation Plan and Monitoring & Evaluation Plan.

Community Engagement Plan

Tourism Stakeholder Survey

Our work starts with an assessment of how Edmonton scores as a tourist destination. We have contracted the expertise of MMGY NEXTFactor to assess our destination using their diagnostic tool called DestinationNEXT, which has previously been used by over 230 other destinations worldwide. This tool is based on 20 variables related to destination strength and community alignment.

The assessment takes the form of a 360-degree survey of our tourism stakeholders who are all impacted by Edmonton's ability to attract and inspire visitors to our city.

Edmonton Metro Resident Survey

Your input and perspective as a resident of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region is critical to create a successful strategy which balances the needs of the industry with the long-term health and vibrancy of our community. We would sincerely appreciate your time to complete a quick survey, which will take approximately 15 minutes. Survey responses are anonymous.

To show our appreciation for completing the survey, you will be entered to win a two-night stay at the Fairmont Hotel Macdonald along with a meal at The Harvest Room or The Confederation Lounge.


Contact Erica Hummel, Director of Destination Strategy for more information.