2021 Business Plan

The world needs more Edmonton. Visitors and locals alike, need more reasons to explore Edmonton. These principles will drive everything we do in 2021.

Explore Edmonton is positioned to play an integral role in creating a vibrant economic ecosystem for the City of Edmonton and contributing to a high quality of life for our citizens. Our 2021 Business Plan directly aligns with our multi-year Strategic Road Map and is focused to take on the challenges and opportunities being faced by our partners and businesses that support jobs and economic growth in our city. Our industry has been hit first, hit hard and it will take leadership, collaboration, and creativity to support the people who work within the visitor economy.

We are Explore Edmonton

Strategic Priorities

Key assumptions for 2021

Measures, Targets & Actions

We have identified these organizational performance measures that will provide evidence that we are achieving results. Targets and actions identified in our annual business plans are in service to delivering on these performance measures.

Measure 1: Economic Impact (Direct)

The economic impact is the effect on various economic indicators for a region, such as employment, taxes generated or GDP.

Link to priority/ies Desired results Target Key actions
Increase Awareness and Attraction Stakeholders receive a high rate of return from investments in our programs. $105 million (of which $22M generated through the venues and $83M through the visitor economy) Improve targeted sales approach focusing on event retention and adjusting events.
Maximized direct economic impact. Implement new tools, programs, and services in support of marketing and sales activities
Develop comprehensive marketing and communications plans to build awareness and advocacy of the visitor economy in the Edmonton region, and promote the service and support we provide our stakeholders.

Measure 2: Stakeholder Satisfaction (Net Promoter Score)

The NPS is a single question asked as part of a survey about a respondent’s likelihood to recommend based on a scale from 0-10. Based on their rating, they are classified as a promoter, detractor, or neutral.

Link to priority/ies Desired results Target Key actions
Strengthen Edmonton Experiences and Events Edmonton has experiences to market year-round. Visitor Economy (stakeholders): 35 Create a 10-year Tourism Master Plan – the first ever for Edmonton.
Increase Awareness and Attraction Guests, visitors and Edmontonians are inspired to engage with our platforms, programs and services. Venues (clients): 40 Implement systems and processes to build confidence that our venues/offices/spaces are among the safest places to work and plan or attend events.
Improve Employee, Guest/Visitor, and Stakeholder Satisfaction Employees, guests and stakeholders are supported by our programs and services. Venues (guests): 40 Improve systems and processes to achieve operational efficiencies and drive decision-making, which will benefit employees as well as guests/visitors.
Improve Operational Excellence Improve organizational image; Explore Edmonton Corporation is an employer of choice. Employees (proxy): 27

Measure 3: Environmental Sustainability (Greenhouse Gas Emissions)

We are committed to environmental sustainability and are participants in the City of Edmonton’s Corporate Climate Leaders Program. Our goal is to achieve a 15% reduction (from 2018 levels) by 2025 and 30% by 2030.

Link to priority/ies Desired results Target Key Actions
Improve Employee, Guest/Visitor, and Stakeholder Satisfaction We have a healthy workplace. Edmonton Convention Centre: 5,418 metric tonnes (2021) vs 4,248 (2020), 7,656 (2019) and 7,580 (2018) Execute greenhouse gas reduction plan for both venues and develop a plan for all of Explore Edmonton.
Improve Operational Excellence Improve organizational image. Edmonton EXPO Centre: 3,514 metric tonnes (2021) vs 7,596 (2020), 9,429 (2019) and 10,395 (2018) Conduct audits of food & beverage inventories, materials/supplies used for events and at our workplace to determine better sustainability options and waste reduction.
We are an employer of choice. TOTAL: 8,932 metric tonnes (2021) vs 11,844 (2020), 17,085 (2019) and 17,975 (2018) Initiate development of a business case for solar power generation at the EXPO Centre that support GHG reduction target.
Reduced organizational carbon footprint.
We use best practices in our operations.
Guests share their positive Edmonton experiences.

Measure 4: Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI)

We expect that everyone should be able to feel safe and included in their interactions with others, whether that is at an event, in their working environment, or in our city.

Link to priority/ies Desired results Target Key Actions
Improve Employee, Guest/Visitor, and Stakeholder Satisfaction We have a healthy workplace Develop baseline for employe EDI sentiment Establish a staff lead EDI Council and further build out the EDI strategy and implementation plan to embed EDI best practices in all aspects of our operations
Improved organizational image Develop additional baseline measures and targets for EDI Develop an implementation plan to provide EDI training to stakeholders, which will ultimately benefit the guest/visitor experience in Edmonton.
We are an employer of choice
Employees, guests and stakeholders are supported by our programs and services

Measure 5: Social Benefit

We contribute to the social prosperity of our city, whether it’s hosting events such as Homeless Connect, providing shelter during a pandemic, or bringing in events that raise awareness for specific industries, sports, or cultures.

Link to priority/ies Desired results Target Key Actions
Improve Employee, Guest/Visitor, and Stakeholder Satisfaction Our venues are recognized as community hubs. Establish baseline social benefit measures and targets. Determine measure/methodology for tracking social benefit.
Improved organizational image. Align and expand opportunities for Explore Edmonton, our stakeholders/partners, as well as our employees to participate in giving back to the community.
Reinvigorate Explore Edmonton’s Caring in the Community program with executive sponsorship and budget.

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