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Spring / Summer

Sweet Lollapalooza

Founded by Australian chef turned chocolatier Brett Roy, Sweet Lollapalooza was built with one idea - to produce fresh chocolates made by hand, using only the best ingredients, including some of the rarest chocolate on earth.  They don't include added preservatives, extra sugars and other additives that give mass-produced chocolate an extra-long shelf life. They make their chocolates fresh every day. In fact, you can see (and smell) the whole production process unfolding in the shop in the lower level of Commerce Place, downtown.

After more than a decade of hand-crafting premium chocolates, Sweet Lollapalooza has been internationally recognized for their signature bonbons. Named one of the top 10 chocolatiers in North America, awarded dozens of International Chocolate Awards and featured in American Express Essentials magazine as one of the best artisanal chocolates in the world.

Their approach to making chocolate can be summed up this way: source the very best ingredients, make sure these ingredients are ethically sourced, and then annually train with the best chocolatiers and teachers around the world to continuously hone your craft.

 Want to learn more about what makes premium chocolate so different and try your hand at the process? Sweet Lollapalooza also offers regular chocolate-making classes!