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Spring / Summer

Farrow Sandwiches

A bunch of friends used to waste their days eating sandwiches and drinking coffee. To kill time between chews and slurps they would sometimes talk about sandwiches and coffee. Sometimes they would even talk about things like vacations they had where they ate sandwiches and drank coffee. In April 2014 they opened a shop called Farrow that served these things the way they should be served.

Much like their sister restaurant, Three Boars, Farrow focusses on using local ingredients and bringing in some of the best coffee from independent roasters from all over the world. They created a menu that is constantly changing and evolving. In the first 10 months they were open, they served over 100 different sandwiches. This is a shop that has taken on its own personality. A little 3 seater that likes its music loud and its food fun.

Now the rest of the world can stop talking about politics, relationships and sports and get down to discussing what really matters–sandwiches and coffee.

Must try: any sandwich!