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Spring / Summer

Food Trucks

The food truck scene in Edmonton has exploded over the past few years!

What the Truck?! is a gathering of food trucks serving up street food with a side of live music to hungry crowds in some of the coolest backdrops around the city. Keep your eye on our event calendar for the next What the Truck?! event or wander around downtown Edmonton and you'll find food trucks like Bully, Molly's Eats, Drift, Sailin' On and many more! You can find the nearest food truck using the Street Food App.

In our You Think You Know Edmonton? video series, local food and lifestyle blogger, Linda Hoang, walks us through a What the Truck?! event and shows off the wide variety of street food available from our food trucks. Linda is a foodie and social media lover who shares all of her adventures on her blog.

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