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Litfest Festival

  • Litfest takes place at various locations around the city., Edmonton, Alberta
  • October 12 2017 to October 22 2017

Litfest is a festival, a movable feast. We don't just sit around and read books (although we do that too). At LitFest, nonfiction content comes to life. Avid readers with nonfiction content and creators through a series of events chic gatherings and gourmet experiences. LitFest is an exclusive event. It is the only nonfiction festival in Canada. It brings together some of the best-selling, award-winning and emerging authors of books, magazines and films. It also supports Edmonton as a local incubator for nonfiction literary talent.

This year LitFest welcomes headliner Jon Ronson, whose dry humour and adept storytelling will engage and fascinate you. Some of the other celebrated guests include Myrl Coulter, Rosemary Sullivan and Wab Kinew, one of Canada's most vocal and talented Aboriginal advocates.