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Spring / Summer

Far & Wide in Edmonton

From coast to coast join MUCH as they go Far & Wide to expose the most unique and exciting things to do, try and see in Canada. Through inspiring videos, awesome stories and amazing influencers, let Far & Wide be your guide to the best the nation has to offer.

Spring and Summer in Edmonton

See what Momo (a border collie with a thirst for adventure) and his best friend Andrew got up to on their epic warm-weather road-trip through Alberta in Far & Wide's seventeenth episode:

Explore the city like this dynamic duo and check out The High Level Bridge Street Car, Edmonton's Farmers Markets, and the North Saskatchewan River valley. Learn more about Edmonton's incredible spring and summer offerings here.

Fall and Winter in Edmonton

Edmonton doesn't hibernate when Fall and Winter roll around. Cold? Yes. Boring? Never. Watch as pro snowboarders Craig McMorris and Marie France-Roy discover the best of winter in Alberta in Far & Wide's tenth episode:

From a dance party in the middle of the forest, to fire sculptures and deep freezer races—Edmonton does chillier months a little differently. See the city like Craig and Marie by perusing Edmonton's winter festivals, attractions and events here.

Discover more from MUCH and Far & Wide, then check out our good pals Calgary and Banff for more Albertan adventures.