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Spring / Summer

From Louise McKinney Riverfront Park,

On to North America’s longest urban parkland.

Natural Scenery in the City.

Bring the whole family together for a day filled with scenic landmarks and breathtaking vistas as you wind your way through Edmonton’s river valley trails, a place that’s as beautiful in the winter as it is in the summer. The only preparation you need is to pack your camera. Just jump on, secure your sunglasses and hit the ol’ snowy trail. You’ll get plenty of opportunities to capture your favourite moments, all 50 of them.

Photo by Bill Burris (cc)

Ask For Chris.

He’s the Segway guy. Chris doesn’t just own and operate an adventure company because he likes seeing other people having fun (he does like that, though). He does it because he wants to have fun, too. Adventure is always on his mind and he’s ready to show you how to embrace the thrill of the ride and the beauty of the North Saskatchewan River Valley in Edmonton.

Most people think summer when they think Segway. Pictures of sunny days and green grass come to mind. Well, in Edmonton the sunny days stretch into winter and so does our Segway season. Explore North America’s longest continuous trail system in the heart of Edmonton’s river valley with River Valley Adventure Co. It’s where the bold traveler breaks off from the beaten path and makes their way into the wild no matter the weather.

Venture Across the Valley

We see the snow covering our river valley as just another stroke of the paintbrush on the canvas that is our city. And your Segway guided tour is one of the greatest ways to see the very best of our enormous winter landscape. But it’s also a chance to experience the extreme beauty and thrilling adventure of the outdoors without pushing your body to extremes too.

Learning to Roll With It.

Segways are designed to be easy for almost anyone to ride with just a few minutes of basic instruction. The team at River Valley Adventure Co. spends the first part of every tour walking (or rolling) through the simple safety precautions you need to know to have the most fun on your Segway. You won’t go much faster than 15km/h so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to take in the sights.

When The Snow Melts.

Summer and spring in Edmonton opens up a whole new bag of toys and recreation for you to enjoy on Edmonton’s river valley trails. You’ll find mountain bikes and roller blade rentals, as well as everything you need for games like volleyball, croquet, bocce ball, football, soccer and more at River Valley Adventure Co. If you’re looking to explore fun in the valley, this should be your first stop.

Of course, Segways will always be available year-round, too.

Photo by Simon Law (cc)