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Locally Sourced,

Globally Refined.

Edmonton is home for Brad, so it makes sense that when he’s sourcing ingredients for his next custom menu, he often doesn’t stray too far outside the region to find them. Grain-fed Alberta beef, fresh eggs from an organic farm, and local produce that’s been keeping Albertans healthy and hearty for generations. But what’s special about KITCHEN is Brad’s ability to integrate delicacies from around the world with his Albertan flavours and ingredients.

Is it something in the Edmonton water? Maybe. But there’s certainly something in Brad’s Edmonton methods.

A Special Relationship,

With Bread.

He calls her Claudia and she bakes his bread. Yes, Brad’s oven is very dear to him. She’s like a part of his team and his small team feels like family. But Brad’s signature bread is made unique by more than his feelings for the oven, he also uses a rare Canola oil made only in Redwater, Alberta. Both the bread and the oil are hard to come by, rich and complex in flavor, and oh so Edmonton in style.

Spicing Up Kitchens Everywhere.

Brad’s not only a skilled master of his own kitchen, he’s also the author of the Canadian Barbeque Cookbook, is a frequent television personality helping to change the face of food in our country, founded one of Canada’s top-rated restaurants – the Hardware Grill, an Edmonton institution – and has his own line of KITCHEN food products available in stores across Canada. Food is best when shared, he thinks, and there’s more to food than what goes on your plate.

Brad Smoliak is an Edmonton gem. He’s the cherry on top of the cake, the truffle oil on the beef Carpaccio, the bottle of rare Prosecco hidden in your wine collection. In short, he’s a chef, culinary master and entrepreneur who manages to stand way out in a city bursting with high-quality, innovative and wildly popular eateries. But the best thing about Brad is that when you walk into KITCHEN, he’s all yours.

Custom Culinary Experiences.

KITCHEN focuses on delivering a dining experience perfectly tailored to your tastes and the style of your gathering. It means that you can call Brad up, tell him about the foods and flavours that tickle your taste buds, give him a sense of the nature of your party – Intimate and fun with friends? Formal yet flavourful with business guests? – and let him bring the occasion to life.

The 100-Metre Beer Diet.

When you find that drink that fits the flavour profiles your palate enjoys, the drink you like to drink on occasion after occasion, you stick with it. Luckily for Brad, the Yellowhead Brewery is only a block from his KITCHEN. And for his money, they’re the brewery making the best Edmonton suds around. Forget the 100-Kilometre diet challenge, it’s no challenge for Brad to focus on local when our city consistently delivers the quality we all crave.

Learn From the Master Chef.

Most learning experiences don’t start off with a glass of Prosecco. But with Brad’s hands-on cooking classes for one to ten people, learning to savour the flavours is the first exercise. Working with Brad, you’ll lay out a five-course menu that he’ll bring to life in front of you and your friends, followed by tips and tricks for helping you master the craft in your own kitchen. Set the theme: Will you wander around Italy tasting pasta, pizza, and porchetta? Or will you visit the old country with rustic Ukraine dishes? Your choice, Brad’s expertise.

For Queen & Country,

He Cooks.

On her last Royal Visit to Edmonton in 2005, the Queen of England dined on Brad’s specially prepared culinary delights. It was an opportunity that not only allowed him to put his own talents and tastes on display, but also deliver a uniquely Edmonton experience to the visiting monarch. Rumor has it Brad received an official Royal stamp he uses on every dish he puts out, it reads "Fit for the Queen."

Following his Royal culinary endeavour, Brad also put his Canadian flavor on the world stage at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games as well the 2012 London Summer Olympic Games.