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Spring / Summer

Located on Edmonton's Ice Block.

Skating With Your Body.

You know who likes a huge slide as much as kids? Everyone. Some say it’s epic, others say it’s best when you close your eyes, the rest say ‘Can we do it all over again.’ Just be sure to pack your snow pants so you can ride all day.

Carving a place on the map.

Professional carvers from every corner of the globe converge on our city for an international ice carving competition held once a year. It’s a chance not only to prove whose design and whose craft is the greatest, but also to celebrate different cultures and invite them to celebrate Edmonton, too.

Edmonton’s winter sunshine is bright enough to light up your day at the Ice on Whyte Festival but those rays can’t keep the cool away from our city’s favourite sub-zero celebration.

Where Ice is Art.

The canvas is all around you in Edmonton. When the temperature drops, the creativity rises and skilled carvers from around the world put their talents on display for everyone to enjoy. Can frozen water be colourful? In Edmonton it can.

Amateur Ice Carving Like a Pro...

Kids (call them L’il Chippers) and adults alike are encouraged to jump in and carve their ice masterpiece with instruction from trained pros. It’s all made safe with the right equipment and supervision, but it’s still a chance to go into a frosty art frenzy.

A Free Skate Free-For-All.

Our rink within the festival grounds offers visitors the chance to lace up and skate for free. First time on the ice? What better place to start than at the largest ice festival around!

Drink in the Alberta Winter...

The only way to make it through a day this packed is to fuel up on genuine Edmonton fare. Local treats, Alberta-inspired menus, delicious and hearty to the core, all at the festival.

In Our Element.

Bringing together art, music, food, design and live performances is a very Edmonton thing to do. No matter the temperature or time of year. Daytime activities are fun, but watch this festival come to life after dark. One word: Karaoke.

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