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Spring / Summer

Steps from the River Valley.

A step back in time.

More to Do Than Mosey.

You’ll find plenty of reasons to pick up your pace once you get down to the Fort. There are foods that need tasting, sights that need seeing, and entertainment that needs an audience. Authentic figures from Edmonton’s past and much more all have a part to play in your old-timey experience.

19 Oh Fun Street.

Your adventure through Edmonton’s past will take you from the era of the Fort in the 19th Century, to three different historical streets that put on display the changing way of life, style of dress and entertainment in a city that never, ever stays the same. Hear about the ‘regrettable New Years cannon incident’ at the Fort, watch the blacksmith forge the tools needed to build our city on 1885 Street, or simply enjoy the tastes and smells of Lauder’s bakery. Go backwards or forwards through time, just don’t miss any Edmonton along the way.

Spend a Night in the Past.

The Hotel Selkirk is one of our city’s first hotels. The perfectly preserved style has only been modernized in the simplest ways, adding certain conveniences that make a night in a hotel special and luxurious. But make no mistake – this is authentic Edmonton. Disappear into the past with one of Fort Edmonton Park’s date packages including a show at the Capitol Theatre, dinner at Johnson’s Café and accommodations at the Hotel Selkirk, or just pop down for a night away from the present.

Johnson’s Café & Mahogany Bar.

Dine like a lady or lord. Drink like it’s the gold rush.

Fort Edmonton Park’s full service breakfast, lunch and dinner restaurant, Johnson’s Café, features Alberta fare like bison and beef with produce grown in our region, set in a style that’s not only uniquely old Edmonton, but punctuated with a certain class that’s hard to come by these days.

The Mahogany bar, formerly Edmonton’s longest stand-up saloon, serves a selection of spirits, cocktails, beer and whiskey that’s impressive even by today’s standards. Sip slowly and celebrate in a bar from a more dignified time.

The original Edmonton has been preserved at Fort Edmonton Park. Our city has always been a place with a style, culture, and story all its own. This is your chance to see it from the beginning, experience the origins of what makes Edmonton unique by stepping back to a time when trading was done with furs not stocks, motor cars were rare not revving down main street, and men wore waistcoats without calling it ironic.

All the Way to the Midway.

Amusement parks, the way they were meant to be.

That’s what you’ll find here. A park with handcrafted wooden carousels, a towering Ferris wheel true to its era, games of chance from a time when you actually had a chance at the prize (and winning the affection of your date), and treats worth spending your last nickel on.

Ride Like an Edmontonian.

The train is where it begins, where the 21st Century falls away and you find yourself immersed in places you’ve only seen on the pages of history books. Steam-powered locomotives, horse-drawn carriages and streetcars that’ll have you yelling ‘Extra-extra, read all about it.’

The Old Fort Still Stands.

People as real as you used to live in the original Fort Edmonton. They worked, slept and celebrated within its walls. When you visit today, you might just think nothing at all has changed over the years. Historically accurate? Historically awesome.

Live Theatre, Classic Cinema, & Modern ‘Talkies’.

The Capitol Theatre brings it to life.

The hotspot for Edmonton entertainment circa 1920, the Capitol Theatre lives on. Originally located on Jasper Avenue in our city’s downtown, the theatre has been masterfully recreated in Fort Edmonton. The authentic styling, decorum and dignity has been so expertly preserved that when your experience is over you’ll say, “That was historic.” Visit for an evening or extend your stay with dinner and a live vaudeville performance followed by a restful and romantic night at the Hotel Selkirk.