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Spring / Summer

The City Market is an easy find.

Just follow the stilt walkers.

Over 100 years can’t lie.

It’s true, the market has been here for over 100 years – since 1903 to be exact. The honest to goodness mentality from way back when still resonates through all the vendors and buskers today. A simple conversation with any of them is all you’ll need to get a feel for the genuinely good people they are. That also makes them really easy to buy from, so don’t forget your wallet. Or maybe forget it on purpose.

Entertainment is everywhere.

It’s pretty much guaranteed that the people watching alone will be entertainment enough, but just incase that’s not your thing there are busker of all kinds. As you wander through the market you’ll come across musicians, magicians, kids shows and if you’re really lucky the kid fiddler, Jack Forestier, will be there. He’s been a regular phenom here since he was 7 and he’s still only 10.

The quickest way to immerse yourself into everything Edmonton has got to be at City Market Downtown. In the summer, historic 104th Street is abuzz with vendors, buskers and arguably the best people watching in the city. When it turns cold in the fall everyone packs up and takes the friendly open atmosphere right inside City Hall – one of Edmonton’s architectural gems.

What have they got at the market?

More like what don’t they have?

Since this isn’t a tourist trap they sell pretty much anything a local might need and a ton of stuff you’d want too. Head down early because the end almost always comes too soon.

Sooooooo Good.

Grab a Moonshine Doughnut. Thank us later.

The best way to start exploring the market is with a Moonshine Doughnut in hand. Just ask Matthew or Simon for a Maple Bacon, Hibiscus Vanilla or one of their many unexpected flavours. It might just change your life.

Sustainable, organic

- Of course.

This is where quality products thrive. The vendors here bring in the best of the best for everyone in Edmonton. And the market is very well known for it. Sustainable, organic, free range, socially conscious aren’t buzz words here, they’re pretty much the entrance fee.