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Spring / Summer

Weirdest Things to Do In Edmonton

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by Edmonton Tourism Team

The home of the world’s second largest Fringe Festival doesn’t hold back when it comes to off-the-wall adventures, in fact, the weirder the better. What else would you expect from a city that hosts barbecues in -20C and throws parties on accidental beaches? Next time you’re in Edmonton, I challenge you to try something other than the standard museum-restaurant-sleep-repeat. Instead, step outside the box and check out the ultra-kooky things this city has to offer.

If Your Current Mood Is: All The Energy

Put your Pedal to the Metal
Bikes and brews! There are no two better words to hear during the summer. Combine them both as you leisurely cruise around the city on a 15 passenger U-shaped bike with Urban Pedal Tours. You'll make your way through Edmonton's top craft beer taprooms and breweries, and sample all the hoppy goodness this city has to offer. Bring your best pals or snag a single seat booking— either way you are sure to bond over a frosty ale or creative cocktail on a bike ride through Edmonton unlike any other.

Hunt or Be Hunted
"Ready or not, here I come!" is probably a phrase you haven't heard since the good ol' days of playing hide-and-seek in your school playground. Relive the thrill of the classic children's activity by joining in on a game of Manhunt, a variant of hide-and-seek that is organized online and played out every Wednesday night in various locations. Bring some good walking shoes and your best stealth moves. Happy hiding!

Keep Calm and Throw an Axe
Thinking about a new hobby? Bet you weren’t thinking it would be axe-throwing... but it just might be! Prepare to channel your inner lumberjack, because this unique sport is making a comeback. Hoist, aim, and throw at one of Edmonton's axe-throwing facilities like Axehole, Bad Axe, and Jack Axe.

A Different Kind of Therapy
Have you ever wanted to smash a plate against a wall? How about completely destroy a room? It's time to let it all out at Smash Room! With a nifty selection of instruments to choose from, like baseball bats and golf clubs, you can go wild on a set of fine china and let off some steam. Opa!

Head Out on a Haunted Hike
Picture this, an abandoned science park in the midst of Edmonton's river valley trail system. Trees that drape over wooden bridges and roots spiral along the ground like tentacles. While many locals find thrill in running or biking through the twists, turns and technical trails of Strathcona Science Provincial Park, other's don't dare to set foot among the spooky scene and have instead dubbed it 'Haunted Forest Trails.' Do you dare to venture through? Maybe check it out during the day if you're afraid!

If Your Current Mood Is: Gimme Culture

Light Up Your Life
You'll see the distant glow of Edmonton's Neon Sign Museum as you travel (by car or by foot) down 104 Street and 104 avenue. The Neon Sign Museum is the first of it's kind in Canada, and features a collection of historic neon signs which have been restored and installed on the east wall of the TELUS building and the south wall of the Mercer Warehouse. Stop by 24 hours a day, 7 days of week - and did we mention it's free?

One Cannot Have a Party Too Large
Transport yourself to the world of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth at the Pride and Prejudice Ball, hosted annually by Regency Encounters. Dress up in your finest gown or pantaloons, sip on a glass of Syllabub and dance the night away as you celebrate Jane Austen at Edmonton's Fairmont Hotel MacDonald.

Take a Walk on the Spooky Side
It was a dark and stormy night; A brave group decided to explore some of the spookiest spots in Edmonton, when out of a nowhere A GHOST APPEARED! Explore the spooky side of Old Strathcona and Garneau with Edmonton Ghost Tours. Visit historic buildings while a guide narrates curious facts, unique histories and intriguing stories behind two of Edmonton's oldest communities. Be sure to keep your eye out for otherwordly sightings – there are more than a few stories about spirits that have been spotted in the area.

If Your Current Mood Is: Chill

Camp with Bison
Picture this, you're walking along a winding trail when you see a plains bison saunter along in the distance. The sun begins to set so you decide to head back to the campground where your oTENTik (a cross between a tent and a rustic cabin) is set up for the night. You settle in and gather around a bonfire to roast marshmallows as the galaxies and star clusters twinkle above you. Sounds dreamy right? At Elk Island National Park this is a complete reality, but the marshmallows aren't included.

Yoga with a Side of Everything
Flow through your sun salutations and sip on a frothy ale, indulge in a pre-savasana brew, or move into downward dog as you pet a feline friend at one of Edmonton's wacky yoga classes. Yoga Within and Blindman Brewing Company come together to host a Yoga and Beer night where you can mellow out with a beer in hand, and every Saturday from 8:30 am to 9:30 am head over to Whyte Avenue's Cat Cafe for Yoga with Cats.

Feline the love
Sit down, settle in, sip on a meowcha or kittea and pet a furry friend at Edmonton's Cat cafe. The cozy cafe on Whyte Avenue is a favourite hangout spot for humans and felines alike. Take some time to relax and de-stress while petting a furry friend and if you grow a little too attached to one of the animals, you're in luck. The cafe has partnered with local Edmonton rescue, SAFE team, so you can adopt one that you've fallen in love with.