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Spring / Summer

Things to Do on the North Saskatchewan River

by Nykala Shone

Row, row, row your boat, gently down the…North Saskatchewan River! Our river valley is full of things to do, with everything from secret tire swings and floating docks to small secluded beaches and convenient boat launches. I narrowed down a few of my favourite on-the-water activities so you can #baskonthesask and enjoy Edmonton’s glorious summer days, aqua-style.

Canoe or Kayak
Edmonton Canoe
Hop on board with Edmonton Canoe and merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily (whew!) enjoy a leisurely paddle down the river. Canoe with your crew or kayak solo, it’s up to you! These guys will hook you up with your safety gear, give you an in-depth lesson on paddling and some tips on the best way to enjoy your trip. You’ll be singing, “life is but a dream” the whole time.

EPCOR Canada

Get Hooked Fishing
Just around the river beeeeend…you’ll find Get Hooked Fishing—ready to take you on that fishing trip you’ve been talking about all summer. Even if you’ve fished for years, they’ve got decades of local knowledge to help you find the best spots and learn new techniques so you’ll be reeling ‘em in all day long. Catch everything from northern pike to lengthy sturgeons as you relax on the river and enjoy a calm, quiet atmosphere, in the heart of the city.

EPCOR Canada

Voyageur Canoe
Haskin Canoe
What do you do if you’re really popular, and have too many friends to fit into one boat? No need to split everyone up, just jump into a voyageur canoe! This bad boy fits 10 of your favourite people and cruises down the river like nobody’s business. Haskin Canoe will get you set up with all your gear and everything you need to know about having the best time paddling down the river.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding
River Valley Adventure
You’ve seen it, and always wanted to try it, but never got around to it. Does that sound like you? If so, don't wait another minute. The time to try stand up paddle boarding is RIGHT NOW. Or, at least sometime this summer. Head to River Valley Adventure to get set up for an unforgettable paddling experience.

The river is an amazing place to spend our long summer days, so make sure you do it safely. If you’re planning on being on the water, always wear your life jacket— safety first! And, who doesn’t look good in neon orange?