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#ExploreEdmonton Instagram Stories

Gillian Thomson Edmonton
by Gillian Thomson

We can’t get enough of our beautiful city! Last year, we saw over 20,000 images tagged with #ExploreEdmonton on Instagram and couldn’t be prouder. Check out the favourites we’ve shared on our account, and keep on reading to learn the stories behind some of those good lookin' Edmonton shots! As always, show off your photos around the city by using the hashtag #exploreedmonton and we’ll keep our eyes peeled to share more favourites.

“[This photo] was taken in Capilano on a Sunday in February, after a heavy snow storm. The air was crisp and it was one of those perfect winter evenings for a walk. I loved the way the early evening light cast a golden glow over everything as we tramped through the fresh snow. The river valley is Edmonton's jewel, constantly changing through the seasons and even through the day, and there's always something different to see or a new place to explore.”

"I enjoy checking out the area near the bridges, especially as winter turns into spring and the river thaws. Edmonton has a beautiful and accessible river valley, and the area underneath the two bridges is pretty neat area to explore and photograph."

“Originally from England, I arrived in Edmonton in December of last year. The concept of outdoor skating was somewhat alien to me but I had become friends with a figure skater and she convinced me to give it a try! I'd only seen the Legislature building in the dark before the day of this photo as it was the location of a chilly 6am workout with November Project so it was awesome to see it all in daylight. It's beautiful! I kind of wish it had been dark that day so that nobody had seen how horrific my skating skills are (imagine Bambi after several glasses of wine), but I loved it all the same. I also didn't break my face or any other body part so I deem the whole experience to be a success! My first Canadian winter and living in Edmonton has been amazing - I don't ever want to leave!”

“I was so excited for [Red Bull Crashed Ice], as it was on my birthday weekend! While they were building the track, I ran down almost every day to grab a picture of it. When the night of the big event arrived, we went down to watch it. The lights, the crowd and all the cheering was just perfect! It was a birthday celebration I'll never forget!“

"As a photographer and huge lover of nature, one of my biggest dream was to see with my own eyes the Northern Lights. But I didn't know exactly where. So I chose to come all the way from Brazil to Edmonton in order to improve my english and maybe someday go to Yellowknife to achieve my biggest dream. But I didn't even need to make a trip to Yellowknife, because as soon as I got here in December, I saw my first Northern Lights. It wasn't that strong, but it was amazing. Then, since December, I have already seen them around 7 or 8 times around Edmonton. Undoubtedly, my best experience so far!"

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