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Spring / Summer

Downtown Culinary Crawl

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by Edmonton Tourism Team

Breakfast and Brunch

You won’t find a more beautiful breakfast spot than Culina Café at the Muttart Conservatory. Nestled in the heart of the downtown river valley, these iconic pyramids define the Edmonton skyline and are home to a variety of gardens. As part of their ambition to bring the freshest ingredients to your table, Culina has partnered with the Muttart to provide fresh greenhouse-grown herbs and greens all year round! Be the early bird and get there before noon if you want to order their oh-so-good eggs Benedict before they run out.

Cruise over to the historic Warehouse District and pop into Blue Plate Diner for a cozy, intimate start to your day. Their dishes are cooked with locally produced ingredients and they welcome vegetarians and vegans with open arms. Be sure to check out the local art on the wall before leaving!

Other honourable brunch spot mentions: CRAFT Beer Market (weekends only) and Madison’s Grill.


When you walk into Tres Carnales, we bet you’ll be put in a good mood instantly. The walls are painted brightly, the music is always thumping, and the beer and sangria are constantly flowing. Tres Carnales takes delicious traditional Mexican recipes and brings them to life in a bold and fresh way. Be sure to have a fish taco for us!

Canteen may call themselves casual, but they should call themselves mouth-watering. The 50-seat restaurant pushes the envelope with some truly creative elements like bacon braised cabbage and butternut squash lasagna!

It’s a tight squeeze in Elm Café, but you’ll be too busy devouring one of their mouth-watering sandwiches and chugging back the smoothest fair trade coffees to even notice. The mystery of what sandwiches are being served is part of Elm’s charm, and you’ll have to check Twitter to see what dreamy menu is in store for the day.

Other honourable lunch spot mentions: The Common and Urbano Pizza Co.

Wine and Tapas

Wine and cheese are like Batman and Robin – they’re a solid team that will always work well together, and there’s no better place to find this dynamic duo than Cavern. With 75-100 artisanal cheese varieties and a tantalizing wine list, this bistro and wine bar is a perfect spot to unwind and connect with friends.

Tzin Wine and Tapas is one of the coziest restaurants in the city. You’ll feel like you’re visiting a friend’s place as you watch the chef prepare your food only a few feet away from your table. Come on an empty stomach; the list of tapas is substantial and none of them disappoint.

Based on Italian spuntini bars, Bar Bricco is cozy, intimate, and sometimes boisterous. To encourage snacking, the menu is comprised of five sections: bread, snacks, cured meat, cheese, and condiments. Tip: Not sure which type of wines to order? Try a few with their 3 oz glass sizes.


The Marc serves up the best of Edmonton’s French cuisine in a romantic, picturesque dining room. The rib steak is cooked to perfection, rich in flavour and as we know first-hand, will melt in your mouth.

Corso 32 is undoubtedly one of Edmonton’s beloved restaurants. Run by culinary genius Daniel Costa, this downtown gem shows no signs of slowing down. The only disappointing thing about Corso 32 is that your meal will eventually have to end. Make a reservation well in advance…we’re talking weeks.

For an evening of fine dining, head to The Hardware Grill located in the historic Goodridge Block brick building. High class Canadian cuisine is served with bold flavours and dramatic presentation.

The boys behind Tres Carnales are back with another exciting restaurant, Rostizado. Named for the rotisserie-centric dishes on the menu, Rostizado brings the style, spice and flare of Mexico’s rosticerias in food best devoured family-style.

Other honourable dinner spot mentions: Zinc Restaurant, Woodwork and SABOR Restaurant.