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Escape Rooms

Edmonton has a thriving scene of escape rooms, likely because they are so. much. fun. Locked in a room for only 45 minutes, will you be able to solve a series of puzzles, clues and riddles to escape and save your own skin in the process?

It's a great way to spend your free time, requiring wits, teamwork and quite honestly a bit of luck to escape the room in time. Most places have a hall of fame wall for those who are cunning enough to escape! Will it be you?

Breakout Entertainment Edmonton

16604 109 Ave NW | 1-780-444-4416

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GTFO Escape Entertainment

10018 105 St | 1-780-540-4836

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Escape City

5916 104 St NW | 1-780-761-2489

Check out The Hunt for Arms McGee - a special Edmonton-themed room that will have you racing around the city in search of the Edmonton Eskimos Quarterback, Arms McGee. He's been nabbed by a group of Saskatchewan Roughriders superfans, the Gridiron Gang, and you and your group will need to get him back to the field in time for the CFL Western Final Kickoff.

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Escape Emporium

#103, 1103 95 SW St | 587-463-5008

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Edmonton Escape

10132 105 St | 1-780-757-9686

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EXIT Edmonton

10534 82 Ave | 1-780-705-0160

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Logic Lock

10336 Jasper Ave | 1-780-428-0159

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10190 104 St (Basement) | 1-780-705-1731

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10524-110 St. NW | 780-951-9293

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