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Step back in time and experience what life was like in Edmonton from 1846 to 1920.

Enjoy live theatre in a setting unlike any other in Edmonton.

Come along for a walk to learn about Chinatown’s past, present, and future.

neon sign museum edmonton

See a part of Edmonton's history at the outdoor Neon Sign Museum.

Discover Ukrainian ways of life at this interactive and entertaining open-air museum.

Hop aboard the comfortable bus and see Edmonton like never before, with Big E Tours as your guide!

On the bank of the North Saskatchewan River, this iconic sandstone building is welcome to all.

ESO is an innovative orchestra with a flair for symphonic music in offbeat genres.

Visit Jurassic Forest and witness gigantic and startlingly realistic dinosaurs in this prehistoric preserve.

A Mecca for visual art lovers, the AGA is itself a masterpiece of architecture.

11,000 year-old human history comes alive at the Royal Alberta Museum.

Edmonton John Walter Museum

Explore Edmonton's history by visiting the John Walter Museum, Rutherford House and more!

An Edmonton Attractions Pass is your entry to 12 of Edmonton’s top attractions — and save up to 60%.

edmonton high level bridge streetcar

Hitch a ride on the world's highest streetcar river crossing.

Explore the spooky side of Old Strathcona and Garneau with a haunting ghost tour!

Grab some popcorn and catch an art house film at a historic Edmonton theatre.

high level bridge edmonton

It's hard to miss this massive steel bridge connecting north and south Edmonton!

Take in a little history, and learn about the evolution of telecommunications at The Telephone Historical Centre.