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Adventure Games

Do you have a need for speed? Want some target practice? Or you just like to jump around? You've come to the right place. There's a few indoor spots to get your family-friendly adventure fix.

LaunchPad Trampoline Park

LaunchPad Trampoline Park will have you springing into action! Jump, jump, jump around with their basketball extreme dunk area, dodgeball court, huge foam pit and of course, the massive freestyle court!

6142-50th Street | 1-780-468-3161

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Edmonton Paintball Centre

Situated in the heart of downtown, Edmonton Paintball Centre is the largest indoor paintball facility in all of Alberta. And the best part is you can play any time and any day of the week if you put a group together!

10010-107a Ave | 1-780-800-2324

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Laser Tag

Bzzzzz, Bzzzzz, your vest is vibrating, your heart is pounding and the adrenaline is coursing through your veins. You’ve just been hit and take a moment to recover behind a barricade, but the game is on the line and you can’t stop now. You hear the enemy advancing in front of you and know this is your chance. You pop up from behind the cold dark barricade and take aim, steady yourself and fire. A red beam flashes out from your blaster and strikes your opponent right in the chest. The enemy falls silent, looks up at you and in a state of shock whispers just loud enough for you to hear, “Mom!” Game over, you win, you win!

Laser Quest - 11271-170 Street NW | 1-780-424-2111

Laser City - 10010-107a Ave NW | 1-780-800-4920


13145-149 Street | 1-780-451-4377

Gather your crew together and get ready to ride. After a safety demo, climb into one of the finest high-tech electric propulsion ProKarts in the world. Winding curves, tight corners, and fast straightaways—hold on tight!

Each race is 14 laps and your ProKart can reach speeds of up to 70km/hr. Between races, enjoy air hockey, pool, foosball, pinball and basketball games to keep your skills sharp. Drivers over 12 years of age who meet height requirements are cleared to race.

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