Top 5 Burger Joints

When in Rome… but you're not in Rome, you're in Edmonton! So do like the Edmontonians do and enjoy a delicious burger made with Alberta Beef. Is there something special, something magical about the beef from Alberta? Yes, there is, and you'll understand what we're talking about when you try a burger at one of Edmonton's best burger joints. Fasten your seatbelts, pull out your Google Maps and save these burger destinations to your favourites because you're going to need a few days to hit them all.

The Next Act Pub

1st RND

1st RND's burgers are a total home run. This sports bar should be your number one pick when it comes to watching the big game and chowing down on a delicious burger. Be sure to try one of their creations featuring unique toppings like perogies, hummus or donair. Don't see the burger you're craving? Then build it your way to get a hole-in-one.

The Sugarbowl

The Burger's Priest

Have you experienced a bad burger and now you're looking for a little meaty redemption? Stop in at The Burger's Priest where delicious meat becomes a religious experience. Don't worry, all denominations are welcome to this casual eatery. Ask about the secret menu if you're a true believer in the church of beef. Can we get an Amen?

The Hat