Things to do in January

Welcome to 2019! We have a busy year ahead of us with a full calendar of exciting events and festivals taking over Edmonton, and January kicks it off with a bang! While the weather may be more crisp this time of the year, that doesn't mean we huddle up inside and wait for it to pass. No, we get outside and embrace Mother Nature in all her glory. Here is a quick snapshot of some of the fun events happening in January.

For Those Who Do Winter Differently

Living in a winter parad-ICE

Embark on a Magical Voyage

The competition heats up when the temperature drops

Northern lights and prairie nights

A Performance on Pointe

The internationally acclaimed ballet company, Ballet BC, is returning to the Jubilee stage after a 10-year hiatus. This evening of extraordinary dance includes a triple bill performance created by some of the most celebrated choreographers of our time. You'll be in awe of their fresh take on the traditional art form as they beautifully, and brilliantly fuse ballet with modern dance. You don't want to miss this performance.
January 22-23

Country Night Out

Cold Weather? Snow Problem

The Battle of Alberta

Slam Dunk On 'Em