Live Theatre Venues

By Farren Timoteo

All the world's a stage... but especially Edmonton. Let local actor, writer, and director, Farren Timoteo be your guide to some of the most popular theatre venues and festivals in the city.

The Citadel Theatre

The Roxy Theatre

Once you’ve satiated your tastes for Broadway and spectacle, head over to The Roxy Theatre for something a little closer to home. Once located in a historic building on 124th street, a tragic fire in 2015 threatened to permanently eliminate one of the city’s most important artistic centres. However, resident company Theatre Network rose from the ashes and re-established the venue on Gateway Boulevard. With a strict dedication to Canadian playwrights, and a taste for challenging and sometimes controversial content, the award-laden company consistently produces excellent, soul-stirring work of all genres and disciplines that expertly explores our modern cultural identity.

Shows to watch out for this season: What a Young Wife Ought to Know, and We Are Not Alone.

The Mayfield Dinner Theatre

The Varscona Theatre

Few local theatre companies have managed to capture the hearts of Edmontonians in the way that the artist-run Varscona Theatre has. Since its beginnings in an abandoned fire hall in 1982, the Varscona Theatre has flourished and now occupies a brand-new gorgeously renovated facility just off of Edmonton’s reputable Whyte Avenue. As host to eight theatre companies, the venue is virtually bursting year-round with musical theatre (new and classical), boundary-pushing new works, riotous original comedies, and globally-celebrated nights of improv.

Shows to watch out for this season: The 26th Annual Die-Nasty Soap-a-thon, and Teatro Presents Skirts on Fire!

The Grindstone Theatre

Live Theatre Al Fresco