Edmonton Entrepreneurs Making a Difference

Sep 10, 2020

Independently owned restaurants, service businesses, retailers, tour operators and experience providers have continued to make our city one to be proud of, even when business could no longer operate as usual. In fact, many of Edmonton's trailblazing entrepreneurs have found a way to give back to the community while working to keep their local businesses afloat during these uncertain times. Read on to learn more about the inspiring Edmontonians behind your favourite local businesses, and how they are stepping up through creative thinking and a spirit of community.

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Tanya Zurock - Wild Prairie Soap Company

Recipients have included Boyle Street Community Services here in Edmonton, Wood's House in Calgary and WIN house. To Tanya, having access to soap during a pandemic is as essential as having access to food in a famine, so if they could provide that, why wouldn't they?

Of course, the 20-year old natural soap and body care company is also dealing with the pandemic's impact on their business, so they wanted to create a campaign that would both help them continue to engage in a with their customers and give back to the community. In return for their customers' support, they donate the soap on their behalf and every order they ship comes with free soap samples and lotion.

This campaign has now become the ongoing "give-back" cornerstone of their business. The response to the concept has been overwhelmingly positively, and they are happy to be able to continue helping their partners on the front lines who care for those in need.

Karen Anderson - Alberta Food Tours

At the beginning of the pandemic, Karen submitted to return to her nursing career to help in the healthcare system - she received letter from head of AHS, Dr. Verna Yui, thanking her for submitting her name. Thankfully, they did not need her at that time.

Karen has travelled around the globe and says that she couldn't be more proud of Alberta and what we have to offer the world in terms of food quality and taste. Alberta is one of the last places with great topsoil, which we need to treasure and protect. It is her hope that the COVID crisis will help the community recognize the value of a local food system.

Kathryn Joel - Get Cooking

Team members have also donated their time at Prairie Gardens and Adventure Farm helping in the greenhouse and will be continuing to run free virtual classes on basic cooking skills for Edmontonians to learn from and enjoy. Check them out online, and support this incredible local business.

Braede Harris & Gavin Fedorak - LOVEPIZZA

The LOVEPIZZA team believes that it is just as important to feed the heart as it is to feed the belly. Right now, we’re all craving connection in some way. They have delivered pizzas to hospitals, drug stores, grocery stores, fire halls, police stations, social workers, and local charities to name a few. Many front line jobs are very difficult mentally, physically and emotionally at the best of times but right now there is an added weight. This local company is a shining example of doing what you can to let folks on the front line know that they are seen and that we are grateful for them.