Date Night in Edmonton: Singles' Edition

Deciding where to go on a first date isn't easy for anyone, especially if you find yourself in the murky waters of the online dating world— looking at you, Bumblers. Like selecting the perfect playlist on Spotify, choosing the right spot to meet up with a potential special someone is enough to make anyone anxious. Hey, you have other things to worry about... what are you planning on wearing btw?

The dinner date

We all know that candlelight is flattering, so head to The Almanac on Whyte Avenue to capitalize on that glow. The setting is pretty perfect, so much so that we may or may not have done a doubleheader for lunch and dinner on the same day (hey, we like to be efficient). This spot is casual enough to cozy up and get to know each other, but formal enough to feel like you're on a proper date.

Bonus Round: The Princess Theatre is right next door, so you can spontaneously grab tickets to the newest, buzz-worthy flick if the date is going well.

The Casual Hangout

If you have made it past a week of exchanging witty texts, than we would suggest grabbing pints at Kelly’s Pub on 104th for a couple of reasons: super casual, great location, and quality beer selection. Also, there are plenty of dark corners where your best buds can be discretely on standby. If things are going well and you want to up the swank level, Bar Bricco or Rocky Mountain Ice House on Jasper Avenue are only two blocks away.

Bonus Round: For something a little more exciting and to flex your beer-ology muscles, head to a local microbrewery. Situation Brewing in Old Strathcona or Biera in Ritchie Market are both great spots to cozy up over local pints and seriously delicious eats. Plus, Biera has a Cheese Bar with some of the finest cheese we have ever had the good luck to snack on.

The Lunch Date

The coffee date

This one’s tricky but District Cafe on 109th Street and Block 1912 on Whyte Avenue are both in perfect locations, have plenty of seating, strong coffee and reliable wifi connections so you can keep swiping under the table if the date is a dud. Who knows? Maybe the love of your life isn't what you expected they'd be. Cheers to being open-minded.

The dreaded group date

We’ve all been there, your workmate Laura swears you’ll get along with her boyfriend's best buddy from kickball. You have your reservations but alas, nothing to do on Friday night. So here we are. If there ever was a time for a group activity, it's now. Why not propose a friendly (yeah right) game of Risk at one of Edmonton’s many amazing board game cafes or hit up an escape room? Both will minimize awkward small talk and will force you to problem solve right out of the gate. If it goes well, you can always apply for the next season of Amazing Race!