An Ode to Ladies Night in Edmonton

A girls night out—it’s as essential as the perfect motorcycle jacket to any wardrobe. Lucky for you, Edmonton is one of the best cities in Canada to let loose with your girl squad.

If you think your girls are in need of a serious night out, but can’t quite put your finger on why, there are probably several reasons for your suspicions. Maybe you've caught Leslie weeping while looking at her phone, muttering, "I wish I knew how to quit you". Maybe Sally keeps bailing on brunch at Little Brick because her babysitter is late again, or, even worse, Maureen has been mistakenly double-booking herself during your YEG Cycle spin meet-ups. Rise to the occasion and rally the troops, these girls do in fact need a night out. Swap out yoga pants for your brightest duds, contour those cheeks and hit the town!

Don’t know where to take the squad? Not to worry, follow this list and you’ll be dubbed royalty in your inner circle. Warning. All the hot spots listed are extremely Instagram-worthy, so don’t be surprised if the girls drop off for a few low-key selfies throughout the night.

It's ladies night, and the feeling's right.


Mercer Tavern

Have Mercy

El Cortez

Assemble your girl gang and hit the town!