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Spring / Summer

Fast Facts About Edmonton

What to Wear
Edmontonians are generally casual dressers. In top restaurants and for the more formal types of cultural events, business attire is acceptable. In the winter, bring a warm coat, boots, gloves, and a hat. In the summer, it’s a good idea to have a pullover or light jacket for the evenings and a sun hat for the long, bright days.

Sunny Climate
With about 2,300 hours of bright sunshine per year, Edmonton is one of Canada’s sunniest cities. Summers are warm, with sunshine lasting as long as 17 hours per day.

Winter, with snow, generally lasts from November through mid-March. A warm parka and winter footwear make the cold weather reasonably comfortable.

Environment Canada provides current weather conditions and forecasts.

Naturally Canadian dollars are the currency used in Canada. Major international credit cards are widely accepted. Most Canadian bank machines accept cards issued by members of Interac, Cirrus, and other major networks.

For currency calculations, visit the Bank of Canada Currency Converter.

In restaurants and bars with table service, a tip of about 15% is customary if service is cheerful and efficient. If service is exceptional, a 20% tip shows strong appreciation.

English and French are Canada's two official languages. Though Edmonton is quite multicultural, English is the predominant language.

Canada uses the same electricity standard as the United States, 120 volts AC.

Alberta has no provincial sales tax (PST), but a goods and services tax of 5% (GST).

Border Crossing
Visit Canada Border Services Agency for more information.