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Spring / Summer

Weather and Climate

Monthly Averages

Edmonton’s summers are from June to August and tend to be warm and dry. During the summer Edmonton can have up to 17 hours of sunlight! The sun rises at 5:30am and doesn’t set until 10pm most nights! Occassionally in July and August, you can catch a spectacular thunder and lightning storm during the evening.

In the fall, the leaves start changing colours mid September and fall off the trees throughout October and into November, creating a beautiful tapestry of colours in the river valley.

Winter time is the coldest time of year in Edmonton and includes snow fall as early as November and as late as March. The majority of snow fall in the region happens from December to February. Also, in the winter time the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) can be seen on a regular basis.

Spring in Edmonton generally happens between April, May and into June. At this time the temperature starts to increase and the plants and flowers start to bloom in the city.