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Watchable Wildlife Tours

Journey off the beaten track and experience some of Canada’s greatest marvels with your personal guide at Watchable Wildlife Tours. Just 45 minutes from downtown Edmonton, take a day trip to the Blackfoot Forest Reserve and observe wildlife in their natural winter habitat, including deer, moose, elk, bison and beaver. Spot up to 250 species of migratory birds. Hike through Elk Island National Park and catch sight of bald eagles, great horned owls and osprey, as well as the Trumpeter Swan, an endangered species. With every trip, be accompanied by Wayne Millar, one of Alberta’s most knowledgeable and engaging guides, and learn about the heritage and nature of the area you’re visiting.

Artist at heart? Wayne will bring you to some of Alberta’s most pristine locations, where you can spend the day painting the landscape. Then sit back as Wayne prepares the most outstanding backcountry meal you’ve ever had, from a gourmet brunch to a traditional Albertan barbecue. Discover Alberta’s pristine wilderness, so close and yet so far to downtown Edmonton.

Starting from $99 per person.

Hours vary, book in advance.