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Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo

With a much-anticipated new show, the bad girls of ballet are back with their hilariously gender-bent, sublime and marvelously funny take on the most popular ballets of all time. These extraordinarily skilled pros don’t cut corners, dancing on pointe and making a satirical point, they always leave Alberta audiences in fits of laughter. Stomachs hurt, minds are blown and mouths are left open in awe of what is happening.

With a huge cult following, even the Queen herself has been entertained by their art, and their antics. Showcasing pure skill and perfect silliness, the wigs, make-up and fabulous costumes all come together in a clever, yet perfectly choreographed sensation. It will shock you with its originality, please you with its outrageousness and mesmerize you with its movement.

Tickets go on sale July 6th.