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Culinary Lab Series

Book your seat and enjoy an unforgettable Sunday dinner made from top notch chefs! Culinary Lab 01 will feature Chef David Leeder, who's been trained in some of the top kitchens in the world, and Chef Edgar Gutierrez, local star of Tres Carnales and Rostizado. Together they will don lab coats and experiment with food, turning their kitchens into laboratories to produce six radically new dishes, benefitting the taste buds of all humankind.

This Six Course Menu Includes:
Chicharrón | with Uni and Habanero Mayonnaise
Grilled Octopus | Roasted Kelp Sauce, Potato, Asian Pear and Endive
Mole Verde | Rapini, Cauliflower, Rutabaga
Cochinillo y Tortillas | with Mexican and Nordic Condiments
Raspado | Tepache, Elderflower
Tres Leches | Dulce De Leche, Burnt Milk Candy, Milk Crumble, Lime and Avocado Mousse, Grapefruit Mezcal Sorbet