Travel Trade

Travel Trade is important to us at Edmonton Tourism, so our team is ready and dedicated to work with you on providing outstanding experiences for your clients. Our professional managers are eager to connect with you, so please do reach out. Whether you are looking to add new and unique product for your Western Canadian product, or looking to strengthen current offerings, Edmonton Tourism is sincerely looking to help! Use our local knowledge, connections and resources to craft outstanding offerings and profitable outcomes. Come find out what Edmonton Original is all about.

Edmonton Tourism is here to assist in many ways, including:

  • Information about Edmonton
  • Collateral materials, images, etc.
  • Itinerary assistance
  • Familiarization tour/site visit assistance
  • Connect you with our industry partners

Why not give us a shout?

Contact Us:

Jon Schmiemann
Manager, Travel Trade

Katherine Florence
Specialist, Travel Trade