Selection Process

The You’re Welcome Edmonton Program involves a four-step qualifying process that narrows down our nominees to 18 award recipients. The qualifying process is necessary because Edmonton Tourism collects over 1000 nominations each year.

Nomination is the first step of the qualifying process. Nominations are collected from January through to December 31 of the calendar year. Nominations can be submitted online, through the nomination cards, or internal organizational nominations emailed to Edmonton Tourism.

The next step in the qualifying process is securing HR approval. Organizations will have the opportunity to evaluate the nominees from their own teams on a pass/fail approval process. In other words, if the respective organization approves of their staff being nominated, then they are passed to the next step in the qualifying process. If the organization does not approve of the nominee, then they fail and they are removed from the qualifying process. This step ensures all the nominees from a particular organization are in good standing and can represent them in the event they receive an award.

Once HR approval is secured the nominees will be given an online evaluation to complete. Don’t worry it’s only seven questions! These questions will give us an idea of why they love their job, what outstanding customer service means to them, and why is it so important.

The final step in the qualifying process is Interview Week. Interview Week involves meeting with the top 20% in each award category. Our industry volunteers will sit down with the top nominees and discuss what they are passionate about, their roles in their organization and what outstanding customer service means to them.

"Couldn't of been a better weekend and hands down the best Edmonton trip so far!"